Hand Ponist’s experienced business lawyers can help your business or nonprofit organization through personal service and bold advocacy.

Personal Service

Our business attorneys and nonprofit attorneys will get to know you and your business or organization. Our attorneys understand both the challenges and rewards of running a business or nonprofit organization.

Experienced Counsel

Our business attorneys have years of experience in advising, representing, and counseling businesses and their owners, as well as nonprofit organizations. Most legal problems have many different solutions that are all technically correct. We work to find a solution to your problem that is not only correct but also practical. We recognize that a solution to a legal matter that is cost-effective is better than one that is not. We also recognize that you have concerns and priorities that go beyond a strictly legal analysis. For example, while you want a contract with your customer that protects your interests, you do not want a contract that is so one-sided that your customer decides to go elsewhere. Finally, we recognize that a thoughtful analysis and wise decisions when a business is formed, when a contract is negotiated, and when the purchase and sale of a business is consummated can avoid much more expense and disruption to the business or organization on down the road.

Bold Advocates

Even with the best planning, business transactions and relationships sometimes go awry, resulting in disputes. In that case, you need not only experience counsel to help you understand the rights and obligations of your business or nonprofit corporation; you also need bold advocates to represent you in negotiating a resolution to the dispute, resolving it through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration, or in litigation. But disputes are not the only settings in which it is important to have a strong advocate on your side.

In today’s business environment, negotiations can become complicated and highly charged. When that happens, you need an Indiana business lawyer on your side who can cut through the complexities, separate the important from the insignificant, devise negotiating strategies, and boldly pursue your best interests in a deal.

Our Services

We furnish a broad range of legal services required by businesses and nonprofit organizations. For example, you may benefit from our services if:

  • You are thinking about starting up a new business.
  • You have an idea for a new 501(c)(3) organization or other tax-exempt entity.
  • Your or your business needs to form a new limited liability company (or LLC’s), series limited liability company (or series LLC), corporation, limited partnership (LP), or limited liability partnership (LLP).
  • You want to buy or sell a business.
  • Your business wants to spin off part of its assets into a new business.
  • Your business is buying or selling commercial real estate.
  • You want to merge your business with another.
  • Your business is incorporated or organized in another state, and you want it to be incorporated or organized in Indiana.
  • Your business has a dispute among shareholders, members, or partners.
  • You are considering starting a series LLC or converting an existing LLC into a series LLC.
  • You plan to lease office space, a retail location, or other commercial property.
  • Your business has a dispute with a customer or supplier of your business.
  • Your business or tax-exempt organization needs a general counsel for advice and representation on an ongoing basis.
  • You LLC, corporation, or nonprofit corporation needs a corporate secretary to manage meeting minutes and other governance documents.
  • Your LLC, corporation, or nonprofit corporation needs a registered agent in Indiana for your LLC or corporation.
  • Your company or nonprofit has received notice of a lawsuit or has been threatened with a lawsuit.
  • You are interested in buying a franchisee.
  • A former employee of your corporation or LLC is in violation of a covenant not to compete.
  • You’ve been accused of violating a non-compete agreement.
  • Your company needs to raise capital by bringing in new investors.
  • Your charitable organization needs help submitting a grant application.
  • Your church is thinking about incorporating.
  • Your business or nonprofit does not yet have an employee manual and you want help writing one.
  • Your company or tax-exempt organization needs contract templates to use with its clients, customers, or suppliers.
Our Clients

We consider ourselves fortunate to have served a diverse group of clients, including:

  • Health care professionals and practices, including physicians and podiatrists
  • Consultants to various industries, including the broadcast television industry and the IT industry
  • Licensed estheticians
  • Construction contractors
  • Real estate developers
  • Homeowners with complaints about home improvement contractors
  • Commercial and residential landlords
  • Amateur sports booster clubs or team-parent organizations
  • Baseball batting cages and coaching businesses
  • Charitable organizations with missions too diverse to list, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3)
  • Licensed professionals facing investigation or disciplinary action by a state licensing agency or board
  • Business leagues tax-exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(6)
  • Commercial tenants
  • IT security consultants
  • Mental health professionals and practices, including psychologists, marriage & family therapists, addiction counselors, and mental health counselors
  • Advertising agencies
  • IRC Section 501(c)(7) Social Clubs (such as collectors’ clubs and hunting clubs)
  • Massage therapy practices
  • Employees facing job termination
  • Former employees facing allegations of violating non-compete agreements
  • Publishers
  • Franchise owners
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Social welfare organizations tax-exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(4)
  • Gymnastics gyms
Our Attorneys

Michael Smith and Rachelle Ponist provide most of our business law services. When our clients are faced with litigation, they may be represented by attorney Valerie Horvath. Attorney Joel Hand represents some of our business clients, particularly those with matters involving professional licensing boards, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, or other administrative agencies. If criminal charges are a possibility, Susan Rayl may handle the representation. All of our Indiana business attorneys will do their best to see that you receive personal service, bold advocacy, and experienced counsel.

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